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Who Am I?


My name is Krissy Gillaspia. I’m a single mom of 2 boys who loves hiking, hanging out by the river, coconut sno cones, coconut coffee, coconut ice cream and well…yeah, you get the idea. Coconut rocks! 

    In thinking about it, I've got a pretty incredible story. This is an amazing company and genuinely REAL support team. I found it by accident back in 2001. I worked part-time around my kids, homeschooled and moving from one place to another - and my income stayed consistent.     WHY I LOVE IT FLEXIBLE - I truly VALUE working mostly on the Internet. As a mom of two boys - FLEXIBLE options are critical! I've worked remotely with our team during pregnancy, infanthood, toddler, elementary - high school. I even took a few years to homeschool my oldest through middle school!   

SOLID & STABLE - During my 17 years with this team, I even set the business on hold for 2-3 years (yes, YEARS) while dealing with a disastrous end to my marriage, health and other issues. True story: My monthly checks have never stopped in nearly 17 years. What would happen to YOUR paycheck if you stopped working for a few years?!  Very few “home businesses” can boast that - much less for 17 years straight - even when someone basically sets it aside for several years.  

REALLY GOOD PEOPLE. Our team of parents working remotely contains some of the most ethical, moral and genuine people you'll ever meet. Integrity is key here. A business you can trust is critical to your success. Our company has been around over 30 years. You'll make the most amazing friendships in your life.  


Who ARE You on the Inside? Are you on fire living your dream? Do you know what your dream IS? 

Parents working remotely with us say we've changed their lives.


You know it and I know it: There are people out there who need something like this but they are afraid it’s too good to be true. They stop and start other businesses, try multi-level marketing, different jobs, etc. But, none have lasted or fill their requirements for less stress and more abundance.

      This one does. It is real work.         Reach out if you are one of these folks who knows what I'm talking about!  --Even if just want to put out “the business feelers” in a conversation to see what your gut tells you :-)    

What I Do...... (And WHO I Do it With)  

 -- I utilize 17 years experience mentoring and helping others -  in the same health & wellness based company where - working almost 100% online - I became a part of the Top 1% of the company’s earners. 


— I love working with, supporting and helping people who have heart, love God and have an appreciation for working with above career level earners. These people are men or women working at home and/or working remotely.


— As a busy single parent, I'm an encourager/supporter of other single moms and dads who go to bat daily for their families, their future and quality of life. As someone with Vitiligo, I'm supporter of Vitiligo awareness and leadership through self-growth in all areas of life.


— My team members receive free - lifetime - personal mentoring, one on one training, ‘Done for You’ presentations, a full featured website and a contact management system. 


Do You Want/Need Higher Income and Willing to Do Worthy Work in Your Own Business?Here's my suggestion: Send up a quick prayer, send out positive vibes and get in touch with me. It's okay to say something isn't for you (worst case scenario, you make a new friend!)  But - it's never okay to deprive yourself of finding out all the facts before you pass on something.



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Krissy Gillaspia

mobile: Mobile 210-326-9905


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