I worked for a large health club chain and I loved what I did, but my job left no extra time to focus on building a family. I chose to hang up my Corporate America hat and stay home with my newborn. I now have two kids that have always had their Mom home with them, and I truly feel you canít put a price tag on that. I wanted to find something that could provide me with a great life, not become my life. I have loved every year I have worked from home. I was able to work part time and replace my full time income within my first year. I am married to a retired Marine and our lives allow us to stay home together and raise our children. We have been able to build a GREAT life!


After working in Corporate America for many years, I decided to take a leap of faith, turn in my notice and stay home with my children; where I always wanted to be. It was such a blessing to be home but I was really missing my income and thatís when I began my search to work from home. Joining this team has been one of the very best decisions that Iíve ever made. Iíve been able to have it all - be available to my kids and earn a full time income with only working part time hours.

Michelle & Bob

We had a 2 year old and 9 month old twins! I had given up my income to stay home with the kids, and we decided we would sacrifice to make that work. It was working (barely!) but we realized that we were not in a great position for retirement and had accumulated debt after Bob had been downsized several times. Fast forward to now: We have 4 kids, a wonderful business and a very different life. We have been able to reach goals that we thought were way off in the future! This has been our primary income for over 10 years, and has given us the flexibility to be available to our kids, help with schooling, help with the daily struggles of Lyme Disease (3 of our kids have Lyme) as well as pay off debt, and save for our future and retirement. We love what we do and feel so thankful for this team!


I am a full time Real Estate Agent and I was looking for a secondary income to fill in the gaps between closings, and this team was a perfect fit! it has allowed us to have balance in creating a healthy home for our family as well as helping with the finances.


Six years ago, I was married and a part-time working mom. We lived well but didn't have the desired wiggle room financially each month. I wanted to add more financial security, travel and options to our lives. My goal was to supplement what I was currently doing...all on a very part time basis, taking no time away from my two kids active schedules. This team made it possible to do far more than that! I completely replaced what I was doing before with a simpler, more beneficial and larger income while working only about 10-12 hours per week. My income has continued to grow well beyond my initial goal. And now that I am a single mom, it allows me to be as involved as I want and need to be with my kids, still having the stay-at-home role, while also giving us the financial security and freedom that blesses us each month, year after year.


After studying Human Computer Interaction and working in software for 15 years I had some big life changes occur and I knew it was time for a change. I love spending time with my family and friends, cooking great meals, traveling, and so many things that I seemed to never have enough time to do. Iím so grateful to have found our team. This business has provided me the opportunity to finally have balance in my lifeÖI get to do work with a strong purpose, make a great income and put my family first!


I live in Orlando with my wife and two sons. I found this amazing team and company in 2003. I had been a part of no less than 10 other home-based businesses. I wanted to see what this company could do for me and my family. In 2004 I decided that I was robbing my family, friends and co-workers by not allowing them to see what I saw and make their own decision. I work full time for the State Government and this has been a great Plan B for me and my family. I love helping families supplement or even replace their income. Our team has room for youÖdonít wait!


I am studying Theater and Dance and my business allows me to work around my busy class schedule. It truly allows me to focus on my Dance and sharing with other students how they can create good health and a business that works well with our crazy schedules.


I'm a busy Mom of 4 young kiddos and thankfully I've been available for all of them. I don't miss any school functions, extra curricular activities and more importantly, I'm there for various therapies for my youngest who was a preemie. Being part of our Team has been a huge blessing, from making life long friends to contributing financially. I have the flexibility of being there for my kids and taking the load off of my Husband's shoulders. We have the best of both worlds!


I am a para-professional for the school district, and I am building this business so that I can be in charge of my own time & create a residual income to support our family. This team has been a blessing and is moving us in the right direction!


I'm a wife and mom of two boys in Missouri. We enjoy spending time together, playing games and watching our boys play soccer and football. I love that I can be home and available for my family while contributing to our financial goals!


I live in Florida and I speak many different languages, but my favorite is Total Financial FreedomÖ.this team has allowed me to be completely debt free! We specialize in helping individuals and families with options to reduce stress from financial worries, and I love helping people that way!


My background is business and IT. I worked in the corporate world for 10 years and I loved the responsibility before I had kids. I was working, and then I had my first son. He wasn't doing well at daycare and I felt guilty on my commute each and every day. When I found our team and company; I realized I had options. I had choices that were in my control to shape my future. I chose not to complain and to take control and never look back. What has changed? I'm a stay at home mom ready at any moment for my three kids. I earn a full time income from home in part time hours.... Nothing can be better than both worlds, and I'm so grateful for the ability to have the best of both!


I am an OB nurse and I love helping others! This team and business fit so perfectly into our life and it continues to support my family and it makes it possible for me to be here for my kids as well!


I live in beautiful Hudson, Ohio. My family loves that I work from home because it provides them comfort knowing I am always here for them. I am so blessed that I get to work with this amazing team of people every day and that even though I work from home, I am providing for my family and our futures.


I am a single mom of 5 children! ( I feel like I should run a taxi service with all of the activities I run kids to every day). I have been able to support my family with this business and work around their busy schedules, which makes me blessed beyond measure. I love helping other families to have a great balance between business & family as well!


Iím a Mom making a living around my life. I am a business professional with a master's of science degree in Direct Marketing, a spin instructor, involved in PTA and community volunteer, and this team allows me to wear all those different hats, including being a cheering mom to all of my daughter's activities! Family and home life mean the world to me and this team makes it all possible!

Todd and Malea

We are working full time while building our business . Todd has a career in the railroad industry , fixing broken locomotives . I was a stay at home mom most of my adult life. Once my children starting getting older I went out in the " working world". I soon realized that wasn't a life I wanted. In 2011 I started our business part time and Todd joined me shortly after that. This business has allowed us many opportunities and we are excited for what is to come.


I am a former certified teacher with 20+ years experience, and currently a a talent manager in California. Our family is bi-coastal and travels back and forth from California to Georgia. My son changed our lives at age 8 when he attended a talent convention. He met a California agent and soon landed roles in film and television. So we rented a small apartment in California and kept our home in Georgia. My husband's job transferred him to the west coast and I had to leave my east coast teaching job. I now needed to homeschool my son all the way through high school, so working from home was my best option. He is in college now and we are empty nesters. Working from home allows me to travel with my husband and help with college tuition. We now have the freedom and flexibility for designing our own lives!


I'm an energetic and bubbly Mama who loves spending time with my loving husband and sweet son...they truly are my world! Being the Mom of a son with special needs, I'm always on the go and love that I have a business that I can work from anywhere! I danced for most of my life so staying active is so important to me, and you can usually find me and my family dancing and laughing around our home!


I'm a mom with a business degree from Florida State University, but I have an entrepreneurial spirit. Having fun is on my "to do" list everyday! I love staying active with my kids, spending time with my extended family and volunteering my time where ever I can. This team allows me to be ďmeĒ and earn an income from home that makes such a difference!


I have been a stay at home mom for 26 years, and I feel blessed that I was able to be home with my girls and homeschool them. Now that I needed to start to earn a supplemental income, going back to the corporate world and being over 50 seemed daunting. It could have been done, but at what price? Stressful work and long hours for supplemental income? Thatís not what I was looking forward to doing. After joining our company, working with an extraordinary team, and being able to do this from homeÖ.I look forward to enhancing lives and helping others reach their goals, as I continue working to reach ours!


Iím from sunny Santa Barbara, California and enjoy being a Play-At-Home Mom to my 6 year old son. I was previously a Marketing Director in the corporate world and feel blessed that this team allows me to be able to stay at home and spend more time with my family, while bringing in extra income as well!


My husband & I have been married for 25 years. Together we have raised three of the most incredible young men. I have been an RN for 24 years, working in home health & hospice for the majority of those years. I love being a Home Health and Hospice nurse! I have been able to help others in ways that very few are blessed to have the opportunity to do. The friends I have met through this team absolutely mean the world to me. Through our team, I have had the opportunity to help families in so many ways. I love being a part of something that is SO much bigger than me! To wake up each morning knowing that I have helped others change their life in so many meaningful ways is more rewarding than you can imagine, it literally energizes my life, propels my first step in the morning to the last I take each night.


I have been an educator and a coach for 23 years. I pride myself on educating all learners. I love coaching track and cross-country. I received a Bachelors of Science degree in Special Education from the University of Detroit and a Masters degree from Michigan State University in Instructional Design. While at the University of Detroit, I ran track and cross-country for them and was awarded Academic All-American honors. My husband and I also owned a small business for 15 years. In 2006, 13 years into my education profession, my world changed when I gave birth to my son. While family had always been a priority, I now needed to make sure that I was prepared for not only my retirement, but also his college education. Fast forward to 2012. My son was in first grade, the recession had hurt our business and teachers were taking pay cuts. The plan for retirement and my sonís college education were a distant dream. In trying to bridge the gap in the loss of income and working on saving our home, I started looking for a way to take back the control of our finances and our dreams. This team has given me an opportunity to continue to help people, and coach leaders. I found that I have options and I have been given the freedom to take back control of our lives, and our finances. Lastly, I love that I have peace of mind about our futureómy sonís college and our retirement.


For years I juggled working in corporate America, as an insurance rater by day and singing full time with my private party band by night. Performing and music have always been a passion of mine, but with my band working an average of 22-25 nights a month, on top of holding down a full time day job, it left very little time spent with my husband, our families, and doing the things we loved to do together! When we were ready to start a family, I knew I needed to make some changes. I was worn out and ready to be home more, but my singing income had made for a very nice supplemental income and I didnít want to sacrifice the life my husband and I had worked so very hard to create. I knew I would need to find another way of bringing in some part time income, but wanted to find something that would allow me to work remotely and work just a few hours a week. Finding this team and having the chance to partner up with an amazing company that offered me everything I was looking for, has been the biggest blessing to our family! Fast forward 13yrs later, my husband and I have two beautiful children that are the light of our lives, ages 10 and 6, and because of this incredible team and the support they have given me, I have been a stay at home for nearly 11yrs now! The time freedom my part-time business has provided, has allowed me to find a balance of being a wife, mother, working mom who is always available to my family, and once again, enjoy my passion for music and singing. Being able to help others find the same kind of balance, time freedom and peace of mind is such an exciting yet humbling experience! I love what I do!

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